Garden and playground

The landscaped garden and playground allows plenty of movement and space for games (slides, climbing frames, garden houses, sandpit, trampoline, cars and tractors).

Playful learning

Our entire program takes place in a playful way, such as reading from books, describing pictures, listening to music, singing and dancing, painting, etc., so children have no problem learning a foreign language without realizing it.

Antiallergic environment

We provide an anti-allergic environment, suitable for the reception of all children, Fairyland Nursery meets all safety and fire regulations.

Welcome by the director

A fairytale landscape is a living space where children are enthusiastic and motivated to achieve endless possibilities. Children are at the heart of every decision we make to make sure they are happy, confident and that the opportunities presented to them are relevant to their needs now and in the future.

That was the goal of Emese, the lady who founded the magic world of Fairyland in 2009, intelligent children who use all their energy through a variety of sports activities in different languages. She has created a world, same for her own children and hundreds of little friends who have been receiving incredible opportunities for the past 10 years. She put a lot of energy, time and whole heart into this project.

Emese has tirelessly gone through various pitfalls, while offering children a variety of activities, such as languages ​​from an early age and the development of sports activities for children, so our graduates have become sovereign schoolchildren who have not gotten lost in any corner of the world. rocket in a backpack.

I came to a beautiful carousel full of songs, colors and love. I am proud to be a member of the Fairyland team after years of very similar experiences in another part of the world.


Our classes

class image
  • Classroom capacity 8 kids
  • Age 2-3 ages

Jumping frogs

Mon - Fri : 07:30 - 18:00

Our nursery works on the basis of the British Early Year Founation Stage system. Educational programs for very young children under 3 years of age cover all basic areas of development.

Kutska 1, 841 06 Bratislava

class image
  • Classroom capacity 10 kids
  • Age 3-4 ages

Lady birds

Mon - Fri : 07:30 - 18:00

They learn a foreign language in a natural way, also through use in everyday activities. They get used to communication and make first friendships.

Kutska 1, 841 06 Bratislava

class image
  • Classroom capacity 10 kids
  • Age 4-6 ages

Busy bees

Mon - Fri : 07:30 - 18:00

They are already skilled kindergarteners, ready for books, scissors and kits. They jump to the preschoolers, who in their "nest" work hard to travel to the big school. They know animals and machines, cities and forests, they will not be surprised by the puzzle. In English and Slovak, they know and know what is needed.

Kutska 1, 841 06 Bratislava