MATHS Mathematics helps children make sense of the numbers, patterns, and shapes they see in the world around them, offers ways of handling data in an increasingly digital world, and makes a crucial contribution to their development as successful learners. Children delight in using mathematics to solve a problem, especially when it leads them to an unexpected discovery or new connections. Therefore Fairyland kindergarten provides a complete structure of mathematical levels created for children 3 - 6 years. Involving; numbers, shapes, and measurements, which are the main basics in order for the children to develop. Encouraging Math Talk in the Preschool and Kindergarten Classroom | Math Solutions Photo 1 of 3 View all Transitional kindergarten eases youngest children into the classroom Transitional kindergarten ... As they grow and make progress, by each year they build upon their previous knowledge and experience. Fairyland Kindergarten provides 3 levels of mathematics, a combination of British and Chinese Curiculum. At the end of the study, children will be prepared for school, but mostly they will enjoy learning and be interested in looking for new answers. Besides they will understand logical concepts and nothing will ever challenge them, since, in the end, they will consider maths as a simple and fascinating subject. GEOGRAPHY Geography is an important topic for every child since it provides the most basic knowledge in various areas, such as the difference in cultures, map orientation, or weather. In fairyland kindergarten, the staff guides each child individually to the point until they understand the value of this subject and the branches that connect to geography. In the end, the kids know how does transportation, industrialization, environment, or population history all connect together. 16 Best Maps & Globes To Teach Kids About Geography & World Travel SCIENCE Physics is one of the most satisfying subjects for children since during this class they get to know the answer for their only question WHY? They discover gravity by understanding why do they fall, the effects of light, the difference between energy and heat, or motion which they experience in their everyday life. 24 Elementary Force and Motion Experiments & Activities - Teach Junkie Star Gazers - Astrology & Space Preschool Crafts & Activities - Ceres Childcare & Preschool | Space theme preschool ... Within the topic of astrology, children discover the space, the effect of the sun on the moon, the differences of the planets, or the basic elements of life. They get to know how are stars formed and what does the milky way means. Chemistry is a wide perspective, however in Fairyland kids experience realistic classes of chemistry, in order to find out how does water differ from oil or honey, they do experiments due to which they observe how the elements change and affect each other. However first they need to understand the most basics; the three states of matter, solid, liquid, and gases, which they learn by trying examples. Safe Science Experiments for Kids Pre-School Gardening Club - Weekly Activities Plan - little green fingers Gardening is a topic with which most of the children are familiar, but still want to make something on their own as their parents, grandparents. Therefore during this class kids learn how to take care of different plants, what do they need in order to grow, where do they get their nutrition from. In the end, they are able to see that plants are living and need just as much care as we do. In today’s world taking care of our environment in which we and the children live in is very important, therefore in Fairyland, we try to show many ways how we could protect the environment. Environmental Awareness for Kids: Activities for Teachers ART 2+ Fingerprints Handprints Sand art Freehand coloring Bouncy ball art 10 amazing handprint craft ideas for kids! 100 Fun Things to Do with Kids at Home: Recipes, Activities & More 3+ Playdough Watercolor painting Plant prints Gluing Markers Scissors cooking 4+ Salt art Freehand sketching Melted crayon art Crayon transfer technique Fold and dye tissue art Bottle cup mural Stencils and chalks Watercolors and droppers Art Activities: Epsom Salt Painting | Salt painting, Kids painting crafts, Art activities Detské origami | 5+ Origami Portrait Pulled string paint Splatter paint and tape resist Bubble wrap printing Media - photography Glue and tissue art Oil and watercolors paint Paper weaving SPORT Fairyland Kindergarten is strongly focused on the importance of sports in a child's life, we believe that a wide range of sports improves the child's psychomotor abilities, improves their immune system and many other ways, since each sport has its own magic and impact. The curriculum involves 5 different types of sports and excluding these children has 9 optional sports & activities. Why Are All These 5-Year-Olds Already Playing Sports?! | How To Do Yoga With Your Kids | Yoga for kids, Helping kids, Kids behaving 2x yoga 2x gymnastics 1x hiking 2 x ball games 1x judo LITERATURE Literature is a world full of fairytales, stories, poems written with feelings and emotions, besides each piece contains the most beautiful combination of words and sentence structures. Therefore in Fairyland kindergarten children have a selected time each morning for storytelling and fairytales. This time results in kids improving their vocabulary, the ability to express their emotions, and expand their imagination. Is Your Kids' Summer Reading Actually Helping Them? | JSTOR Daily Little Red Riding Hood playset Finger puppets playset | Etsy As for older children, the main aim is for them to show their own opinion about a topic or situation. As well they are starting to explore consequences and find answers to their question, by following a guideline of reasons.