They learn the language naturally by listening, imitating and using it gradually. It is important to enable intensive communication in educational activities and in everyday activities, and thus to provide children with an irreplaceable stimulating environment also by using various methods in its adoption and respecting the child's personality.

The international structure of our kindergarten naturally incorporates children into multicultural education.

An important part of the educational intention is the self-regulation of the child. This means that the child is constantly guided and as a result children are better able to cope with a rush of negative emotions, are able to mobilize their strength in overcoming obstacles, respect, and obey the rules.

We realize activities in a pleasant family environment, using modern teaching aids, with a lot of modern toys, with a varied all-day program in the form of experiential learning, rings, and trips as well as kindergarten in nature.

The daily program is adjusted according to the age specificities of children. We are working with the state educational program for pre-primary education ISCED-0.

After completing pre-primary education at our kindergarten, children receive verbal assessment in writing as a document for the transition from pre-primary to primary education.

We are convinced that each child is unique, and therefore we place emphasis on an individual approach to each child on their journey by exploring the world, taking advantage of the child's natural curiosity and wildness.

Thanks to the skills acquired in the bilingual program, our graduates can seamlessly continue their studies at a bilingual elementary school or other elementary schools where, in addition to good preparation for the mother tongue school, a high level of foreign language skills is expected.

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