Our speech becomes for the child the first and most important example of how to speak correctly. However, it is a path full of obstacles and challenges for the child to work to pronounce his first sounds, words or complete sentences correctly. In order for a child to learn to speak correctly, it is not enough for the efforts of skillful and experienced kindergarten teachers, it also requires the attention of the parent, who largely influences his child's results.

Logopédia R
The period when the child is in kindergarten is very difficult to correct, as the child must learn to forget the incorrect pronunciation that he has mastered and use the sound again correctly. It is very difficult to motivate young children during this period, and it is therefore appropriate for the parent to be involved in the effort to learn them correctly.
A one-year-old child can handle about 6-8 words, one and a half-year-old child about 30 words. A two-year-old child uses about 200 words and has been creating sentences since the age of two. Most three-year-olds already use about 1,000 words fluently and can name common subjects.
Around the 4th year, we talk about the intellectualization of speech. This is where the statements are clarified. Grammar is improved, as well as sentence content, and vocabulary is growing. A five-year-old child already has about 2,000 words and a six-year-old has about 3,000 words. He can reproduce his experiences and can describe what is happening in the picture and is able to create a story about it. At this age, the child's pronunciation should be flawless.